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Frequently Asked Questions

The AEC Final Exam – The ITP TOEFL and the Timed Essay


  1. When is the AEC Final Exam?
  • The AEC Final Exam is on Saturday, May 4.
  1. Where should I go to take the AEC Final Exam?
  • You will receive a letter in one of your AEC classes to tell you where to go for the AEC Final Exam.
  1. When can I get the results from the AEC Final Exam?
  • Results will be available beginning Wednesday, May 8, at 1:30 pm.
  1. Do I have to stay in town to pick up my results?
  • Yes!  All students who want to attend the AEC in Summer 2019 must come to the AEC Office on May 8 or 9 to get their AEC classes. AEC cross-cultural advisors will be available on these days. 
  • The AEC will NOT enroll returning students between May 13 and June 3.
  • The KU Late Enrollment Fee for summer starts on Tuesday, June 4. You must be enrolled BEFORE that day or you will pay this fee. Because we will not enroll students between May 13 and June 3, if you do not enroll by May 10, you will have to pay the late enrollment fee.
  • Classes for summer semester begin on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.
  • If you do not return on time and you miss the first day(s) of your AEC class(es), you will not be able to make up diagnostic tests or other work that you miss in Week 1.
  • Check the holds on your account in Enroll & Pay. Holds may delay your ability to enroll if you have not enrolled prior to leaving Lawrence, which will impact enrollment and could subject you to the late enrollment fee.
  • Come to the AEC Office if you have questions.
  1. Who takes the AEC Final Exam?
  • All AEC students in Basic English and Levels 1-4 take the AEC Final Exam. Students in all Level 5 classes who have received grades of A or B in their classes do not take the AEC Final Exam. However, if a student has all Level 5 classes and receives an A or B in one class and a C, D, or F in the other, that student will need to take the AEC Final Exam.
  1. If I have already passed one skill area, do I still need to take all parts of the AEC Final Exam?
  • Yes, the AEC Final Exam will not be broken into parts.  All students who must take the AEC Final Exam (see #5 above) must take ALL PARTS of the AEC Final Exam.
  1. If I get an A or B in my classes, do I have to take the AEC Final Exam?
  • Yes.  See #5 above.
  1. If I get a C in my classes, do I have to take the AEC Final Exam?
  • Yes.  See #5 above.
  1. If I get a D or F in my classes, do I have to take the AEC Final Exam?
  • Yes. See #5 above.
  1. How is the TOEFL ITP different from the TOEFL iBT?
  • The TOEFL ITP that you will take at the end of the semester is called “The Institutional TOEFL.”  That means that it is only used at this institution—the Applied English Center.  It is used to determine your placement in the program and your ability to exit the program.  You cannot use the score at any other university.  Similarly, you cannot use a TOEFL iBT for placement at the AEC. 
  • Some differences:
    • The TOEFL ITP is shorter than the TOEFL iBT.
    • There is no speaking part on the TOEFL ITP.
    • Since the TOEFL ITP is on paper, you can preview some of the questions.

For additional information, ask the AEC Front Desk for the TOEFL ITP information packet.

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